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About Kurt and Jeannie


Kurt and Jeannie have been married for over 29 years.  They were both raised in the same small town in the midwest.  They both attended and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota in Family Social Science.  After graduating from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN with a Masters of Divinity, Kurt became an ordained pastor in the Lutheran Church in 1992.  They ministered in churches in northern Minnesota, southern California and Phoenix, AZ.

After leaving ministry, Kurt and Jeannie both entered the business world working in the education field for a Fortune 500 company while achieving Master degrees in Business Administration.  While watching both her parents work together to earn their MBAs, their oldest daughter was inspired to earn her MBA as well and finished at age 24. However, their passion to mentor and help guide hurting and broken couples has continued to motivate them to publish a book on romance and embark on their radio program; Romance and Intimacy. Kurt and Jeannie desire to have a open and honest discussion on sex and sexual issues facing couples today.  Many individuals in relationships suffer alone, living in shame and longing to be loved and affirmed.  Our goal is to bring hope and healing to those couples and help them rediscover the flame of passion.

Kurt and Jeannie live in  Scottsdale, Arizona. They enjoy spending time with their two grown children and close friends.