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Why God and Sex?


Why, because God and Sex have played an integral part in our marriage for over 29 years.  Our faith has led us to live all over the United States, helping people understand the love God has for their lives.  Sex is an amazing component of our relationship that continues to be explored and enjoyed.  The merging of God and Sex in the title of our Podcast communicates both the love we have for God and the beautiful gift of Sex He has given our marriage.

Even though many couples around the world would agree with the importance of both God and Sex in their relationship, seldom are the two discussed together.  For us the question is not, why God and Sex, but why not?

Six months ago, we were invited to commence a radio program combining these two subjects.  Growing up in a church, we heard the negative aspects of Sex in relationships, but never the blessings.  Again, why?  What frightens us?  Why are we scared to discuss God and Sex?

Couples today face overwhelming stresses and struggles in their relationship.  Many turn to the Church and only hear silence.  How can I become a better lover to my spouse?  How can we get out of the sexual rut we have been in for years?  Why can’t I perform like I did in my 20’s and 30’s?  What great questions to discuss and explore.

We aren’t sex therapists, but we are a real couple addressing areas we have experienced and researched. Our number one priority is to bring hope and help couples reignite the passion in their relationship.  We do this through an open dialogue on challenges, opportunities and practical strategies on Sex through the lens of faith.  Join us in this adventure and share our Podcast with others!   Have the Best Sex Ever!!    

        Jeannie and Kurt

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